Nipple & Areolar Correction

Nipple and Areolar reconstruction are considred in cases of:

Non development of breast with absent/ rudimentary nipple and Areolar
Inverted Nipples
Large nipple size
Post mastectomy

Planning Your Surgery:

Consultations: It is essential that you understand the procedure involved. Dr.Sumita will go through all the details about the procedures necessary with you.

Preoperative Evaluation: This includes your Blood tests and relevant Investigations including Photography

Preoperative instructions:

Anaesthesia: Local / GA
Timing of surgery: Surgery is considered after the normal breast is fully developedwhich could be after 18-20 years of age. In cases after Post Mastectomy , once your adnjunctive treatment is over and the breast mound is created. Generally it can be done 4-6 weeks after reconstructive surgey ifor creating the breast mound is done.

Surgical options and the procedure:
The procedure is individualised as per the need. For recreating areola you may opt for tattooing or grafting to simulate the normal areola.

Duration of Surgery: 1-2 hours each surgery

Hospital Stay: Day care surgery

Results and Recovery:
It is one of the gratifying surgery for the patients. Though it is not always possible to give 100% symmetry, but overall results are very satisfying.

Cost: The cost can be discussed on consultation.

Cost includes the surgical fee and day care hospital cost or one day hospital cost in a single room as applicable to a surgery. If for some reason you need/want to stay in hospital for additional time, you will have to pay that separately. Cost will also increase if you choose a superior room.
Cost mentioned or discussed is approximations only, for general guidance. They are subject to change. Prices apply to average healthy individuals. If you have additional problems like diabetes/ hypertension etc, which require the involvement of another specialist/ special medications/ anaesthesia, such cost will be added.

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