Dimple Creation

Many consider dimples on the cheeks cute. The demand for surgically created dimples is increasing.

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Preparing for your surgery:

Anaesthesia: Local Anaesthesia

Incision: Intraoral at the site required.

Procedure: A small depression is created in the muscle of cheek region. The surgical procedure used to create dimples is, in itself, a fairly simple one. The procedure involves simulating the natural way a dimple is formed, by forming a connection between the skin and the cheek muscle, such that when the muscle contracts, it pulls the skin inwards to form a dimple.

Duration of Surgery: 45 mins- 1 hr

Hospital Stay: Day Care

Results and recovery:

There is usually a minimal swelling that may last for few days. The aftercare usually involves regular mouth rinsing with Betadine oral antiseptic solution and antibiotic intake. Results are permanent. Normal activities can be resumed straight after the procedure.

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