Correction of Birth Defects

Besides Cleft Lip and Palate corrected birth deformities include

Eyes: Coloboma, Epicanthal Folds.

Ears: Preauricular Tubercles, Microtia (Absent or Deformed Ears) Cupped / Constricted Ears,Cryptotia, Ear Lobe Deformities, External Auditory Canal Stenosis, Preauricular or Postauricular Pits or Sinuses.

Nose: Nasal Alar Cleft, Bifid Nose.

Lips: Double Lip, Pits or Tubercles (Van der Woude syndrome) Transverse Cleft.

Tongue: Lymphangioma, Vascular Malformation, Hemangioma, Tongue Tie

Face:Birth Marks, Hemifacial Hypertrophy, Microsomia, Other Rare Facial Clefts,Treacher Collins Syndrome, Hemangiomas, Venous Malformation, A-V Malformations, Naevus.

Lymphangiomas, Cystic Hygroma, Congenital Dermal Sinus, Branchial Cyst, Branchial Fistulas, Torticollis

Limbs: Radial Club Hand, Thumb Hypoplasia, Syndactyly, Polydactyly, Complex and Compound Syndactyly, Camptodactyly, Clinodactyly, Congenital Lymphoedema,Vascular Malformation, Hemangioma.

Trunk: Chest Deformity, Lymphangiomas, Vascular Malformation, Hemangioma, AV Malformation.


Initially the child will be examined and assessed for extent of defects or deformity. Some of the children do present as multiple birth defects. They can be also associated with congenital cardiac defects needing evaluation if suspected.

Correction / Surgery:

Most of the cases surgery is the definitive treatment for correction and permanent cure. With involvement of Plastic Surgeon aesthetically pleasing results can be attained. Dr. Sumita Shankar has extensive exposure in treating such deformity. She has the experience of working in the busiest Paediatric Hospital of Hyderabad for more than three years.

Timing of surgery depends on the type of deformity or birth defects. Some cases such as pre-auricular tubercles, polydactyly can be corrected immediately. Some may require staged reconstruction such as radial club hand, thumb reconstruction or pollicization, syndactyly correction.

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